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30 Distinctive Cane Corso Names [with PICS!]

Are you citing a brand new Cane Corso and on the lookout for a novel, unique or humorous Cane Corso identify? Whether or not you’re bringing residence a brand new Cane Corso pet, or an older rescue canine, we’ve acquired some nice identify concepts shared by our I Love My Cane Corso Fb group.

We requested our group the next query: Does your Cane Corso have a novel identify? Share it under together with a pic! Beneath we’ve compiled a number of the most original identify concepts in your new Cane Corso.

30 Unique Cane Corso Pet Identify Concepts

Khaleesi Targerian (spelled totally different then the precise character)

Creator: Natalie W.

Kitty for her tigreto coat

Creator: Jacki Robbins H.

Cattie-brie, a personality from a R.A. Salvatore sequence

Creator: Tera H.

Willa. It means Resolute protector.

Creator: Mary L.

Sioux w Lil bro Geronimo

Creator: Lisa Cucinotta B.

Brian and Bronson aka The B Boys

Creator: Kirkland Justin M.

Her identify is Phoebe. It was her sisters birthday the opposite day that’s why she has the birthday hat on…

Creator: Kim Robinson Okay.

Brina named after her nice grandmother

Creator: Tonya C.


Creator: Lynne Williams H.


Creator: Shelly F.

Memphis Raines. Named after Nicolas Cage in Gone in Sixty Seconds (huge brother Kingston within the background)

Creator: Dana Williams O.


Creator: Jesse C.

Malgus. The identify is after a Star Wars character.

Creator: Jeneviere B.


Creator: Tony Isabel O.

Belladonna Lucrezia. She is called after a toxic plant and the daughter of the notorious Borgia household from the Renaissance. Belladonna meand lovely girl in Italian.

Creator: Amanda B.


Creator: Missy Hahn H.


Creator: Raven A.

Drogo Khal

Creator: Natalie W.


Creator: Lloyd P.

Latimir and Medusa

Creator: Kirkland Justin M.


Creator: Bridget E.

Buddy, Zoe, Zita

Creator: Michelle Vaccaro B.

Fatboy 3 1/2 yr previous

Creator: Judy Crimson C.

Dioji (D O G) she’s turning 3 subsequent month.

Creator: Rafa Ben A.

Giulio, as a result of he’s Italian

Creator: Christel de V.


Creator: Tina Darby Y.

Rora freedom. Born on Veterans Day. Rora means “daybreak of”

Creator: Kirk J.

KuroMeans black in Japanese

Creator: Wayne T.

Macavelli Ronzo Chienis Ronzo Chienis is our residence city in Italy

Creator: Vincent A.


Creator: Kirkland Justin M.



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