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4 Suggestions To Keep away from A Metabolic Hangover, From An MD


On the subject of blood sugar stability, when you eat is likely to be simply as vital as what you eat. “Glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity cycle all through the day,” says Kelley-Chew. “So the identical meals that you just eat within the morning versus the evening will very effectively have a distinct glucose response.” Particularly, she notes we now have our greatest blood sugar management within the mid-morning, round 10 a.m. “Then it simply goes downhill from there.” So for those who’re going to eat blood sugar spiking meals, it could be greatest to take action earlier within the day. 

On the very least, you’ll wish to keep away from these glucose spikes late at evening, when your physique begins to naturally create melatonin. “Melatonin truly suppresses insulin, so for those who eat high-glucose meals at evening, you are truly doing that in a state of affairs the place you do not have as a lot insulin obtainable to even cope with that blood sugar,” Kelley-Chew explains. That’s why many consultants suggest you cease consuming a couple of hours earlier than you go to mattress, for those who can swing it. 



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