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Ajwain Water for Weight Loss – What Science Says?


Ajwain (Trachyspermum Ammi) is likely one of the oldest herbs used for its medicinal properties. It is named carom seeds in English. These tiny seeds are an important spice in lots of Indian curries since they support digestion and absorption. They’re additionally well-liked in toasted or uncooked kind. 

When included in varied cuisines, ajwain seeds supply a novel flavour. The benefits of ajwain, nonetheless, transcend its flavour and aroma. 

Ajwain seeds are wealthy in fibre, antioxidants, and different nutritional vitamins and minerals. Subsequently, they’ve quite a lot of well being benefits. Moreover, they’re helpful for weight reduction. 

Ajwain for Weight Loss

Ajwain seeds are implausible to your well being as they’re filled with carbs, fibre, protein, and fat. Moreover, they include niacin, potassium, thiamine, sodium, phosphorus, calcium, and different nutritional vitamins and minerals helpful for well being. 

Ajwain or carom seeds support nutrient absorption and improve metabolism. They velocity up your physique’s metabolism, inflicting meals to journey via your abdomen extra shortly. Subsequently, much less fats will get saved within the physique, which accelerates weight discount. 

In line with analysis, thymol, an important oil present in ajwain, has excellent medicinal qualities. Thymol is well-known for lowering meals cravings by suppressing urge for food, boosting vitality, and offering your physique with unimaginable nourishment. Moreover, thymol helps you shed weight shortly by accelerating your metabolism and lowering acidity. In-vivo research discovered that thymol inhibits weight problems. It lessens fats buildup, enhances insulin sensitivity, improves leptin sensitivity, and lessens lipid motion. 

Take a teaspoon of ajwain powder or add it to your inexperienced tea or water proper after you get up or earlier than having breakfast for a greater metabolic course of.

Advantages of Ajwain Water for Weight Loss

You need to use ajwain for weight reduction in quite a lot of methods. For example, one can eat ajwain water to shed weight, which is straightforward and efficient.

In line with research, your physique can launch gastric juices due to the lively enzymes in ajwain water, which is able to support in lowering indigestion and acidity

Commonly consuming ajwain water on an empty abdomen within the morning might help you lose 1-2 kg a month. Nonetheless, one should train and cling to dietary pointers. Ajwain facilitates nutrient absorption and digestion. It helps you shed weight as a result of it prevents fats from accumulating. 

The HealthifyMe Be aware

Ajwain water will increase metabolism, decreases fats storage, and fights toxins to extend vitality. Because of this, it means that you can shed weight shortly and naturally. Nonetheless, it goes with out saying that train and meals administration is essential in your weight reduction journey.

Methods to Make Ajwain Water for Weight Loss

Ajwain Water

You burn extra energy when your metabolism degree will increase. For instance, improved digestion reduces flatulence, which in flip accelerates metabolism. You’ll be able to burn fats quicker consequently.

  • Servings: 2
  • Complete Time: 5 minutes


  • Ajwain seeds: 2 tsp
  • Water: 2 cups


  • Roast two teaspoons of ajwain seeds on a low flame till they launch their distinctive aroma.
  • Put roughly 2 cups of water on the stovetop to boil.
  • Add the roasted ajwain seeds and proceed stirring till the combination turns brown.
  • Pressure the water and luxuriate in your weight reduction beverage when it has cooled. 

Ajwain Honey Water

Minerals, amino acids, and nutritional vitamins present in honey all work collectively to assist us management our metabolism.

Moreover, honey stimulates specific hormones in our our bodies that scale back urge for food and preserve us from overindulging in energy. Mixed with ajwain, this combination might help you quickly lose additional physique weight.

  • Servings: 1
  • Complete Time: 5 minutes


  • Ajwain seeds: 2 tbsp
  • Water: 1 cup
  • Uncooked Honey: 1 tbsp 


  • Soak 2 tbsp of ajwain in 1 cup of water in a single day.
  • Pressure the water the next morning and add 1 tbsp of honey to it.
  • Take this empty abdomen within the morning.
  • Three months of each day consumption will yield noticeable outcomes.

The HealthifyMe Be aware

Ajwain water is well-liked because it takes little effort to organize and is great for reducing weight. Nonetheless, there are lots of completely different consuming strategies, together with ajwain tea, ajwain honey water, ajwain inexperienced tea, and so forth. 

Your life-style choices, together with consuming habits, train routines, and sleep patterns, enormously affect your well being and well-being. To attain one of the best outcomes, at all times eat a balanced eating regimen that matches your life-style.

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Continuously Requested Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can ajwain water scale back weight?

A. Ajwain water helps in digestion. Subsequently, it prevents fats from accumulating and helps individuals shed weight. Furthermore, it will increase metabolism. Thus, ajwain water consumption can significantly support in weight reduction.

Q. What occurs if we drink ajwain water each day?

A. Wealthy in iodine, phosphorus, calcium, and potassium, ajwain has a number of well being benefits when often consumed. Commonly consuming ajwain water will relieve indigestion. Be certain that to drink it each morning on an empty abdomen. Since improved digestion would restrict weight fluctuations, which is able to not directly support weight reduction.

Q. Does ajwain scale back stomach fats?

A. Enhancing a person’s metabolism assists in weight reduction. Ajwain contributes to general weight discount because it reduces fats accumulation.

Q. Which is best, jeera water or ajwain water, for weight reduction?

A. Ajwain is well-known for serving to to reinforce digestion and velocity up metabolism, contributing to weight reduction. Alternatively, jeera water has wonderful cleaning properties, curbs cravings, will increase metabolism, and aids in weight reduction. Ajwain and jeera are each extremely low in energy and, along with their therapeutic benefits for efficient weight management, are good for frequent consumption in your weight discount eating regimen.

Q. Who ought to keep away from ajwain?

A. People allergic to ajwain seed might expertise nausea, vomiting, and dizziness because of thymol current within the seed. Furthermore, ajwain might lower blood coagulation because of its skill to skinny the blood. Because of this, avoiding ajwain and its dietary supplements will get suggested when taking medicine that sluggish blood clotting.

Q. Can I drink ajwain water at night time?

A. Consuming ajwain water on an empty abdomen within the morning is the perfect time to eat ajwain water. It’s going to assist you have got higher metabolism all through the day and support digestion.  

Q. Is ajwain chilly or scorching for the physique?

A. Ajwain has a heat efficiency. 

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