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Cane Corso Canine Breed Information & PIctures | All Issues Canines


cane corso

Cane corsos are affectionate, protecting working canine. These canine are greatest suited to skilled house owners due to the extreme coaching wanted for this breed.

Cane corsos are giant canine that develop between 23.5 and 27.5 inches tall and weigh between 80 and 120 kilos relying on their peak. This breed lives for 9 to 12 years, on common.

This breed has a powerful character and is very protecting of its household. The canine is aggressive round strangers, unruly youngsters, and pets that it hasn’t correctly met.

Households and canine house owners, who’re skilled with canine and have the time and vitality to supply agency steering and a focus to their canine, make good companions for cane corsos.

Cane Corso Fast Abstract

Listed here are the principle info concerning the cane corso canine breed:

Breed kind Massive, working canine
Dimension 23.5–27.5 inches
Weight 80–120 kilos
Lifespan 9–12 years
Coat kind Clean, short-haired coat
Coat colour Black, grey, fawn, purple, brindle, or chestnut
Coat markings Black or grey masks
Shedding tendency Bi-annually, reasonable
Temperament Extremely protecting of household, cautious of strangers
Persona Clever, affectionate, and assured
Trainability Excessive
Appropriate for Skilled house owners and households
Train necessities A 2-mile run or stroll every single day, cut up into two periods
Dietary wants 4–5 cups of high-quality pet food per day (adults)
Widespread well being issues Hip dysplasia, gastric torsion, and demodectic mange
Value $350–$4,000

Cane Corso Look

cane corso puppy next to basket of flowers

Cane corsos are giant, majestic, cumbersome canine that are available numerous colours. The breed has almond-shaped eyes in numerous shades of brown, yellow, and blue.

These canine have muscular our bodies, extensive skulls, broad chests, wrinkled foreheads, and floppy ears. Some house owners select to have their canine’ ears cropped.

Peak and Weight

As a big breed canine, grownup cane corsos normally measure between 23.5 and 27.5 inches tall. Feminine cane corsos typically stand between 23.5 and 26 inches tall. Males are bigger, at 25 to 27.5 inches tall.

A cane corso grownup weighs between 80 and 120 kilos relying on its peak. Puppies usually take one 12 months to develop to their full grownup peak, and two years till the canine attain their full weight and general measurement.


Cane corsos have a short-haired double coat that consists of a stiff, coarse topcoat and a lightweight undercoat. The coat of this canine breed might or might not have a brindle sample — irregular streaks of lighter or darker colours that distinction with the remainder of the coat.

Cane corsos generally have the next coat colours:

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Fawn
  • Purple
  • Grey brindle
  • Chestnut brindle
  • Black brindle

These canine are reasonable shedders all year long and have two shedding seasons, during which shedding will increase.

Cane Corso Origins

The cane corso breed comes from Italy and is believed to be a descendant of Roman conflict canine. In English, these canine are generally known as cane corsos, whereas the Italian plural identify is cani corsi.

This breed is a mastiff-type canine that was bred to protect property and folks, hunt giant recreation, and spherical up cattle and pigs for the market.

Though cane corsos virtually grew to become extinct when farming actions grew to become mechanized, the breed was revived by canine fanatics.

The breed was acknowledged by the American Kennel Membership in 2010. At present the canine work as trackers, navy canine, and alongside legislation enforcement officers.

Cane Corso Persona and Temperament

Cane corsos are clever, intimidating canine that demand plenty of consideration resulting from their giant measurement and affectionate nature. These canine are intelligent and should dominate their proprietor, if not educated with agency, robust, and caring strategies. Regardless of the canine’s giant measurement, this breed is delicate and might be extremely aggressive in response to harsh therapy.

The breed portrays a assured and robust character. When educated and socialized accurately, the canine mimics skilled bodyguard mannerisms. Cane corsos are hardly ever outwardly aggressive and are more likely to quietly push away strangers when the canine sense their household is threatened.

These canine are protecting and loving towards youngsters and different pets so long as the cane corso is socialized from a younger age. Nevertheless, the breed might affiliate operating and squealing youngsters with prey, so interactions with hyperactive youngsters must be carefully monitored or averted.

Taking Care of a Cane Corso Canine

black cane corso lying in grass

Cane corsos are solely appropriate for knowledgeable canine house owners and shouldn’t be thought of by first-time canine house owners. These canine want specialised care, loads of train, and constant stimulation within the type of a job to do or strong psychological stimulation. Cane corsos want a type of work reminiscent of herding or canine sports activities to remain stimulated and well-behaved.

Meals Wants

Feed an grownup cane corso 4 or 5 cups of high-quality dry pet food, cut up into two parts, per day. The precise quantity of meals the canine wants relies on the canine’s measurement, construct, metabolism, exercise stage, and age. Comply with the instructions on the kibble bag, or comply with a selfmade weight loss plan designed with the assistance of a veterinarian. Puppies typically have to eat two to 4 instances greater than grownup canine to assist their very own development.

Grooming Wants

Brush your cane corso weekly all year long, and each day throughout the spring shedding season. These canine want common baths, about a few times a month, and weekly for puppies. Prepare your pet with agency directions to accustom the younger canine to the grooming follow.

In case your canine’s nails don’t put on down naturally, trim the canine’s nails as quickly as they make clicking sounds on the ground or trouble the canine, reminiscent of when the canine limps, slides on the ground, or repeatedly licks its paws.

Brush your canine’s tooth two or thrice weekly and test its ears throughout every grooming session for dust build-up and indicators of an infection.

Train Wants

Cane corsos are energetic canine that want critical each day train, reminiscent of brisk mile-long walks or runs twice a day, to remain wholesome. This canine breed wants a big fenced-in yard, and doesn’t do nicely in small residing areas. Puppies want extra train than grownup canine, and may go on two small walks per day. Strenuous train can harm puppies’ muscle and bone development.

Psychological Wants

Along with train, cane corsos want at the very least 20 minutes of psychological stimulation every day. Contain your canine in a job reminiscent of herding, a canine sport, or educate the canine obedience abilities and new tips. Stimulating actions might be cut up up all through the day. With out stimulation, this breed might turn out to be bored and damaging.

Widespread Well being Considerations

Cane corsos are typically wholesome canine, however are vulnerable to the next situations:

  • Hip dysplasia — a genetic situation that happens when the hip joints don’t develop correctly, and causes ache and arthritis, normally in large-breed canine. Hip dysplasia might be handled with weight loss plan, train, medicine, and generally surgical procedure to ease discomfort
  • Gastric torsion — a digestive complication that wants instant medical consideration. Signs of gastric torsion, or bloat, embrace dry heaving, extreme drooling, and shallow respiration. Bloat might be prevented by feeding the canine smaller meals and refraining from train quickly after meals
  • Eyelid abnormalities — situations which might be clearly seen by bulges and eye growths. Cane corsos can develop numerous eyelid issues reminiscent of cherry eye, ectropion, and entropion. Remedy contains medicine administered by a veterinarian
  • Demodectic mange — brought on by microscopic mites that reside within the canine’s fur. Signs embrace extreme scratching and lacking or thinning fur. Mange is very contagious and veterinarian care is required to deal with the situation
  • Idiopathic epilepsy — a genetic dysfunction that causes involuntary muscle actions, collapse, and involuntary bowel actions in canine. Remedy includes medicine to assist reduce the possibilities of seizures

How you can Prepare a Cane Corso

Prepare cane corsos from a younger age to forestall them from turning into overbearing, overly highly effective, and dangerous to property, pets, and folks. Coaching the breed is a difficult process and solely skilled canine house owners who’ve loads of time to decide to coaching ought to tackle the duty.

Early bonding and crate coaching for puppies is essential to forestall a cane corso from turning into entitled, and to accustom the canine to uncomfortable dealing with, reminiscent of grooming and journeys to the vet. Contain cane corsos in obedience coaching as younger as potential.

A cane corso is a cussed canine and will get bored simply, so make coaching periods as thrilling and enjoyable as potential to maintain the canine engaged. Use treats and positive-reinforcement obedience coaching to reward good habits. Start leash coaching and impulse management with a cane corso as early as 16 weeks previous.

Cane Corso Value

The cane corso’s giant meals consumption and vital grooming and veterinary wants make this breed costly to purchase and to look after. Cane corsos from a prized lineage can value as much as a number of thousand {dollars}.

How A lot Is a Cane Corso?

A cane corso prices between $350 and $4,000 to purchase. Adopting the breed from a rescue middle will value between $350 and $500.

Shopping for a cane corso from a good breeder will value between $1,000 and $4,000. Pedigree canine with a prized, purebred lineage can value as much as $9,000.

How A lot Does it Value to Increase a Cane Corso?

Cane corsos want a whole lot of high-quality meals, and common check-ups on the vet. These prices, plus grooming, toys, and coaching, common $2,000 per 12 months.

The preliminary 12 months of proudly owning a cane corso is dearer as a result of the preliminary 12 months contains the prices of first-time vet visits, a brand new mattress, toys, and a inventory of pet food. Count on to pay between $4,500 to $5,000 within the first 12 months of proudly owning this breed.

Ought to You Get a Cane Corso?

Cane corsos are extremely loyal and affectionate canine which might be glorious protectors when educated and socialized accurately by an skilled proprietor and/or coach. Nevertheless, these canine are usually not appropriate for sure house owners due to the breed’s excessive upkeep prices and wishes.

Cane Corsos are Appropriate for:

Cane corsos are loyal canine that go well with extremely concerned house owners who’ve the data, time, and endurance to nurture and practice this breed. Cane corsos are good with youngsters and different pets that they’re launched to from a younger age, though this doesn’t imply that the canine will deal with different pets and kids with the identical affection.

A cane corso makes an important guard canine and train accomplice. This massive, clever breed is ideal for strenuous jobs reminiscent of engaged on a farm, monitoring, guarding, and legislation enforcement with an officer.

Cane Corsos are NOT Appropriate for:

Cane corsos are usually not appropriate for first-time canine house owners or households who don’t have time to coach and spend time with their canine. This canine can be not appropriate for house owners who gained’t be capable of afford the excessive value of vet journeys, meals, coaching, and train wants all through the canine’s life.

Cane corsos are usually not appropriate for house owners who aren’t strong-willed, assured, and assertive, as a result of the canine will overpower its proprietor. Small flats aren’t appropriate for the canine as a result of this high-energy breed wants a big, well-fenced yard with loads of area to run.

Cane corsos aren’t appropriate for high-energy, loud, and boisterous youngsters, nor situations the place they’re uncovered to neighborhood pets. These canine can simply turn out to be aggressive and protecting in the event that they really feel their household or property is threatened.a



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