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Digital Youngsters to Assist Fight Overpopulation


Yesterday, I reviewed the claims of Google engineer Blake Lemoine, who’s satisfied a synthetic intelligence (AI) chatbot program known as LaMDA has achieved sentience, or self conscious consciousness.1

Mere days earlier than Lemoine set the web on fireplace with discussions concerning the chance or impossibility of AI singularity, one other AI skilled made the information with the prediction that digital kids may someday develop into commonplace. Come to consider it, it’s virtually as if the information had been rolled out by an AI operating a predictive programming algorithm. The Day by day Mail experiences:2

“Digital kids that play with you, cuddle you, and even appear like you’ll be commonplace in 50 years, and will assist to fight overpopulation, a synthetic intelligence skilled has claimed.

These computer-generated offspring will solely exist within the immersive digital world generally known as the ‘metaverse,’ which is accessed utilizing digital actuality expertise reminiscent of a headset to make a person really feel as in the event that they’re face-to-face with the kid. They are going to price subsequent to nothing to deliver up, as they’ll require minimal assets, in line with Catriona Campbell, one of many UK’s main authorities on AI and rising applied sciences.

In her new guide, ‘AI by Design: A Plan For Residing With Synthetic Intelligence,’ she argues that considerations about overpopulation will immediate society to embrace digital kids.

‘Digital kids might appear to be a large leap from the place we at the moment are, however inside 50 years expertise may have superior to such an extent that infants which exist within the metaverse are vague from these in the actual world,’ she writes. ‘Because the metaverse evolves, I can see digital kids changing into an accepted and absolutely embraced a part of society in a lot of the developed world’ …

Ms Campbell believes that folks will someday be capable of use high-tech gloves which can be in a position to ship tactile suggestions to copy bodily sensations. This is able to enable somebody to cuddle, feed and play with their digital offspring as if it had been an actual little one.”

It wouldn’t be precisely true to life, nonetheless, as mother and father would have the flexibility to decide on the speed at which their digital offspring grows up. So, those that benefit from the child stage, for instance, may preserve the kid in perpetual babyhood, forgoing all of the experiences that go together with maturing via the teenager years into maturity.

Child X

There’s already a proof of idea for this concept. “BabyX”3 is a digital experiment created by a New Zealand-based firm known as Soul Machines, a number of years in the past. The concept behind it was to facilitate acceptance of AI by humanizing it. Soul Machines explains it this fashion:4

“By combining fashions of physiology, cognition and emotion with superior lifelike CGI, we got down to create a brand new type of biologically impressed AI. BabyX was our first developmental prototype designed as each a stand-alone analysis undertaking and as an expandable base to feed into industrial pc brokers.

She permits us to discover human cooperation with machines and the foundations for making a digital consciousness. BabyX was designed for analysis and ‘she’ permits Soul Machines to not solely discover the fashions of human habits but in addition to create autonomous digital beings.

BabyX supplies a basis from which we study, experiment and proceed to develop the world’s first end-to-end resolution for dynamically creating, instructing, managing and deploying Digital Individuals.”

The Transhumanist Agenda

By now, many have began realizing that local weather change, overpopulation, transhumanism and the digitization of human life are all half and parcel of The Nice Reset agenda, which is not going to be full till humanity is enslaved to the unelected few who will run the world via algorithms and AI.

Based on the technocratic cabal that has set the course for mankind during the last a number of many years, overpopulation is liable for local weather change,5 so to avoid wasting the planet, we’ve to cut back and handle the inhabitants measurement. A technique of doing that is to transition right into a digital setting, the metaverse, the place no precise bodily assets are getting used up.

On the intense finish of the transhumanist spectrum, you’ve got individuals who imagine we are going to finally be capable of add our minds into a pc or artificial avatar.6 We nonetheless don’t know if that is attainable, and it appears extremely unlikely, contemplating there’s extra to a human than their bodily mind and neuronal community. Your “thoughts” and “soul,” your precise “being,” shouldn’t be localized in your mind tissue.

Transhumanism doesn’t acknowledge the truth of nonlocal thoughts or soul, nonetheless, selecting as an alternative to view the human being as nothing greater than a bodily platform7 that may be altered and augmented in any variety of methods, outfitted with a reproducible neural community that enables for considering and intelligence given the proper electrical impulses and neural connections.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

World Financial Discussion board (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab needs to create a world through which people are related to the cloud, in a position to entry the web via their brains. That is what the Fourth Industrial Revolution8 is all about — the merger of man and machine. That is how we all know, certainly, that transhumanism is a part of The Nice Reset.

After all, being related to the cloud additionally implies that your mind could be accessible to individuals who may wish to tinker along with your ideas, feelings, beliefs and habits,9 and that too is a part of the plan. They completely need to have the ability to management your ideas, feelings, beliefs and behaviors, from the within.10

Transhumanism additionally includes the selective breeding of bodily our bodies, utilizing synthetic wombs reasonably than human beings. Already, Chinese language scientists have used CRISPR expertise to create the primary gene-edited infants (born in 2018).11,12 They’ve additionally developed an AI nanny robotic to take care of embryos grown inside a synthetic womb. As reported by Futurism:13

“The system may theoretically enable mother and father to develop a child in a lab, thereby eliminating the necessity for a human to hold a toddler. The researchers go as far as to say that this method could be safer than conventional childbearing.”

To most traditional folks, a way forward for designer infants grown in synthetic wombs, brain-to-cloud connectivity and importing your thoughts to a pc sounds extra like a purposeless nightmare than the utopia transhumanists attempt to painting it as. Schwab, nonetheless, speaks as if we’ve no selection within the matter. “The longer term is constructed by us,” he advised the WEF insiders on the 2022 assembly in Davos.14 Finish of debate.

The Rise of Anti-Humanism

A part of why Nice Reset adherents appear so dissociated from human life is as a result of they’re. Most traditional folks imagine people are sovereign beings who’re free by divine authority. Technocracy, alternatively, views people as a pure useful resource, no totally different from an oil deposit or livestock, and they’re for use as such.

People could also be kind of environment friendly than a robotic, for instance, relying on the job at hand, and effectivity trumps humanity. To attenuate issues inside this human useful resource administration system, there must be most compliance with minimal effort, and that is the place social engineering via media propaganda (brainwashing), censorship and AI is available in.

For essentially the most half, as soon as absolutely applied, the management system will likely be absolutely automated, with direct connection to your mind. Beliefs could also be switched from someday to the following with a easy software program replace, robotically downloaded and put in from the cloud. That’s their dream, and our nightmare.

They Need to Monitor Your Carbon Footprint

Many nonetheless have a tough time wrapping their heads across the extent to which the technocratic, transhumanist cabal intends to manage the worldwide inhabitants. Briefly, they intend to manage each single side of every thing you do each day. Not solely do they not need you to train free will, they don’t even imagine free will exists.15

So, they intend to micromanage your life via digital surveillance, facial and voice recognition, via carbon credit score scores and social credit score scores, via digital identities and/or vaccine passports, via local weather change countermeasures and biosecurity measures, via AI assistants, on-line censorship and social engineering.

They intend to manage what assets you need to use, the place you may journey, your well being and medical selections, what you suppose and what you eat. Look carefully, and you can find that every one of those plans have already been introduced and implementation is within the works.

For instance, in August 2021, The Hill revealed an op-ed by libertarian analyst Kristin Tate, warning a social credit score system is coming to America.16 Two years earlier, in 2019, Futurism17 wrote about how the U.S. already has a social credit score system that’s similar to China’s, we simply haven’t realized it but, as a result of it was constructed by Silicon Valley reasonably than the federal government.

The plans for particular person carbon footprint trackers had been introduced18 at this yr’s Davos assembly for WEF members and invited VIPs. The trackers are being developed by the Chinese language Alibaba Group,19 which is smart, contemplating the Chinese language have already applied a social credit score system20 and particular person carbon monitoring will likely be an added side of that.

In a June 3, 2022, article, RAIR (Rise Align Ignite Reclaim) commented on the WEF’s plans for world management:

“After a quietly held WEF and United Nations Common Meeting summit in Switzerland on ‘sustainability,’ they launched a number of surprising movies21 showcasing a glimpse into life after The Nice Reset.

From folks with out possessions, pumped filled with capsules, consuming laboratory-created meat in hyper-technical, digitally networked ‘good cities’ and clothes. They created brief, weird, feel-good movies highlighting how folks will assist them redesign the world.

The movies vary from cows that not burp methane because of tablets, starfish created in take a look at tubes to battle local weather change, drones for reforestation in Africa, enzymes from human blood to stabilize concrete, and poor hygiene to avoid wasting the setting.

The WEF additionally promoted new mRNA vaccinations in opposition to varied ailments. As well as, they celebrated 24-hour surveillance, digital IDs for clothes, and synthetic meals and occasional.”

They Need to Management Your Eating regimen

The technocratic cabal additionally intends to radically remodel the meals system, and at the moment are busily engaged on methods to eradicate meat from our food plan22 and persuade us to switch it with artificial lab creations and faux meat, which by the best way is loaded with the worst sort of fats conceivable — industrial seed oils.

To this finish, the WEF has partnered with the EAT Discussion board, which is able to set the political agenda for world meals manufacturing. The EAT Discussion board was cofounded by the Wellcome Belief, which in flip was established with the monetary assist of GlaxoSmithKline.

EAT collaborates with almost 40 metropolis governments throughout Africa, Europe, Asia, North and South America and Australia, and maintains shut relationships with imitation meat corporations reminiscent of Unattainable Meals, which was cofunded by Google, Jeff Bezos and Invoice Gates.23 (Gates has additionally been gobbling up farmland, changing into one of many largest non-public land homeowners within the U.S.24)

EAT has developed a “Planetary Well being Eating regimen” that’s designed to be utilized to the worldwide inhabitants and entails chopping meat and dairy consumption by as much as 90%, changing it largely with meals made in laboratories, together with cereals and oil.25 Not surprisingly, Gates is on report urging Western nations to cease consuming actual meat altogether.26

Bugs — It’s What’s for Dinner

Forcing a transition to faux meats is unhealthy sufficient, but it surely will get worse. Maybe you’ve seen the odd article right here and there over the previous few years suggesting we should always think about consuming bugs and weeds and drink “reclaimed” sewage?27 Nicely, these had been a part of the predictive programming to prime the pump, so to talk. Now we’re getting into the actual indoctrination part.

4 main colleges in Wales, U.Okay., lately performed a real-world trial to see how kids would take to consuming mealworms, crickets, beetles and different bugs, whereas concurrently being indoctrinated to suppose they’re changing into “moral residents” who’re saving the planet by ditching meat. Based on RAIR, which reported the novel lunch experiment:28

“… the unelected self-anointed world elitists on the WEF have fought for years for westerners to eat bugs … ‘Would you give edible bugs a attempt to assist save the planet?’ …

Two years in the past, the European Union (EU) categorized bugs as ‘novel meals.’ In different phrases: the preparations for insect meals have been underway for a very long time. Because of this, edible bugs are more and more bought throughout the EU.

The UK Meals Security Authority (FSA) will provisionally enable commerce in edible bugs in supermarkets and retailers beginning in June [2022], with full approval anticipated subsequent yr. Analysis is at present underway for crickets for human consumption; mealworms are additionally anticipated to be submitted quickly.”

With the ability to see the globalists’ plan as clearly as we will see it now, we’ve an obligation to future generations to withstand, denounce and refuse any and all implementations of the technocratic agenda. We will win, for the straightforward indisputable fact that there are extra of us than there are of them, however we’ve to be vocal about it — we have to be a part of forces and current a united entrance. We have to peacefully resist and say “No thanks” to every thing they fight roll out.



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