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Financial institution Vacation e-book overview – The Hen Identify E book by Susan Myers – Mark Avery

That is an attention-grabbing e-book which explores the origins of chicken names from accentor to Zeledonia. I’m keen on names, and in birds, and birds’ names, and the extra I dipped into this e-book the increasingly more I favored it. The 400+ pages are filled with info and are well-referenced.

I hadn’t appreciated that accentor got here from cantor and means ‘one which sings with one other’. Whereas Zeledonias are named after Jose Castulo Zeledon (1846-1923), a Costa Rican ornithologist.

Let’s contemplate G-birds. I would love to see a Gyr Falcon and if I ever do then I’ll know that its identify might be to not do with it circling round (cf gyrating) however comes from a German phrase for grasping, as a predator. This additionally means that it’s ‘jurr’ fairly than ‘jire’ (but when I ever see one which’ll be the very last thing on my thoughts).  I’ve seen gerygones, gonoleks and gulls however I discovered attention-grabbing issues about their names in these pages.

There are lots of (approaching one every web page) illustrations which vary from traditional paintings to wonderful images. The e-book feels weighty within the hand and has a critical tone of scholarship however additionally it is a pleasure to have a look at its pages and the textual content in locations is really fascinating.

The e-book quotes authentic sources from many languages and lots of centuries.

The duvet? It’s a Slaty-headed Parakeet by Richter from Gould’s Birds of Asia and is kind of elegant, I believe. The vary of small photographs on the back and front illustrate some birds with names that make one pause and assume. I’d give it 7/10.

The Hen Identify E book: a historical past of English chicken names by Susan Myers is revealed by Princeton College Press.




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