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German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Combine Look and Information | All Issues Canine


An Australian shepherd German shepherd mix lounging on a tiled floor
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The German shepherd Australian shepherd combine is a cross between a German shepherd and an Australian shepherd. This crossbreed is also referred to as the German Australian shepherd or Aussie German shepherd.

These canine have vigorous, affectionate personalities and agile, well-built our bodies. German Australian shepherds have a mean life expectancy of 12 to fifteen years and are medium to massive in measurement, rising as much as 26 inches and weighing round 45 to 80 kilos.

Households with energetic life are perfect for this energetic working canine. Nevertheless, German Australian shepherds are liable to separation anxiousness, in order that they’ll want an proprietor who may give them plenty of consideration and be with them all through the day.

German shepherd Australian shepherd combine canine sometimes value $300 to $800 USD.

German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Combine Fast Abstract

A German shepherd Australian shepherd mix lounging on a comfy chair
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Frequent names: German shepherd Australian shepherd combine, German Australian shepherd, Aussie German shepherd
Mother or father breeds: German shepherd and Australian shepherd
Breed group: Hybrid, herding
Dimension: Medium to massive
Top: 19–26 inches
Weight: 45–80 kilos
Colours: White, black, tan, brown, merle, cream, sable
Coat: Medium-length double coat
Life expectancy: 12–15 years
Temperament: Loyal, affectionate, work-oriented, protecting, clever
Day by day train A minimum of 90 minutes per day
Day by day meals consumption 2.5 to three.5 cups per day
Shedding: Average to heavy
Barking tendency Average
Recognized well being points Hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, cataracts, bloat, progressive retinal atrophy
Price: $300–$800

German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Combine Look

Australian German shepherds are medium to massive canine that tackle a mix of bodily traits from each of their mum or dad breeds. Most have tapered muzzles, muscular builds, and medium-length coats.

Dimension and Weight

The Australian German shepherd is taken into account a medium or massive canine, with a peak on the withers of 19 to 26 inches and a mean weight between 45 and 80 kilos. The precise weight and peak of the canine depend upon the dimensions of its mother and father and life-style elements similar to their eating regimen and exercise degree. Females are sometimes smaller than males.

German shepherd Australian shepherd combine puppies weigh round 8 to 14 kilos at 12 weeks and attain their full grownup measurement inside 18 months.


Australian German shepherds have medium-length double coats. Whereas the coat’s look depends upon the mother and father, most Australian German shepherds have straight or wavy hair with a thick undercoat. A few of these canine have a pretty mane of fur round their necks.


The German shepherd Australian shepherd combine canine are available in shades of black, white, tan, pink merle, blue merle, cream, and sable. Some Australian German shepherds have white or tan markings on their muzzle, chest, abdomen, paws, and eyes.

In uncommon instances, the coat might be strong white, pink, or black. Canine with merle coloration are extra liable to well being points like congenital deafness and blindness.

Facial Options

The German shepherd Australian shepherd combine has a broad-shaped head, tapered muzzle, and almond-shaped eyes which can be amber, brown, or blue with an alert however pleasant gaze. This breed’s ears are set excessive on their head. Some crossbreeds inherit the Australian shepherd’s distinctive floppy ears, whereas others tackle the German Shepherd’s erect, triangular ears.

German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Combine Origins

The Australian German shepherd is a comparatively new crossbreed and its precise origins are unknown. Nevertheless, this crossbreed’s mother and father are each working canine initially developed for herding.

German shepherds originate from Germany and have been first bred within the late nineteenth century, whereas Australian shepherds originate from the western United States. Immediately, each breeds are nonetheless used as working canine however have additionally turn into widespread companion canine due to their affectionate and dependable natures.

The Australian German shepherd combine takes on attributes and character traits from each mum or dad breeds, so it’s necessary to be accustomed to every breed earlier than contemplating this canine.

German Shepherd

German shepherds are massive canine with medium-length double coats, sq. muzzles, broad heads, and muscular builds. Whereas clever and sometimes desperate to please, German shepherds can typically be cussed and require an proprietor that may present agency and constant coaching. German shepherds make nice watchdogs on account of their protecting nature and powerful guarding intuition.

Australian Shepherd

Australian shepherds are medium-sized canine with agile our bodies and straight or wavy coats. Most Australian shepherds are protecting and good with youngsters, although some might be reserved round strangers. Coaching Australian shepherds is straightforward as a result of they’re good and desperate to please.

German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Combine Character and Temperament

A German shepherd Australian shepherd mix sitting on a rock outdoors
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Australian German shepherds are loyal, affectionate, sociable, and clever. Like most herding canine, German shepherd Australian shepherd mixes are energetic and love having a job to do.

Australian German shepherds are incredible watchdogs due to their robust guarding instincts. Nevertheless, their protecting nature could make these canine fearful round strangers, particularly in the event that they haven’t been uncovered to plenty of folks as a pet.

Whereas dedicated to their house owners, Australian German shepherds might be cussed if coaching isn’t constant and clear. The perfect proprietor is somebody who is ready to dedicate loads of time to the canine’s coaching and care. Australian German shepherds are high-energy canine and have to be cared for by somebody that leads an energetic life-style.

Australian German shepherds typically expertise separation anxiousness and subsequently shouldn’t be left alone for lengthy durations. With out sufficient consideration throughout the day, these canine turn into damaging, anxious, and should bark excessively.

Taking Care of an Australian Shepherd German Shepherd Combine

Caring for an Australian German shepherd canine is comparatively troublesome due to their high-maintenance coats, dietary wants, and exercise degree. Australian shepherd German shepherd mixes require a nutrient-rich eating regimen and loads of psychological stimulation to maintain their minds wholesome and energetic.

Meals Wants

Grownup Australian German shepherds want between 2.5 and three.5 cups of pet food per day, with the precise quantity relying on exercise degree, age, measurement, metabolism, and physique. Meals must be cut up into two separate meals.

Australian German shepherds do greatest on a protein-rich eating regimen that accounts for his or her excessive exercise degree. These canine are quick eaters, in order that they’re liable to bloat and must be served meals in a puzzle bowl to sluggish their consuming down.

Grooming Wants

The grooming wants of the Australian German shepherd depend upon the coat kind the canine inherited from its mother and father. Most canine have straight double coats with dense undercoats that shed reasonably all 12 months spherical and require brushing not less than 3 times weekly.

Australian German shepherds blow their coats twice a 12 months and require every day brushing throughout this era. All the time brush within the path through which the hair grows and use a slicker brush to sort out tangles and mats.

Different grooming tasks embrace nail clipping, tooth cleansing, and checking the ears for wax buildup or an infection. Australian German shepherds’ coats have a tendency to withstand dust, however these canine nonetheless want month-to-month washing to maintain their pores and skin and fur in wholesome situation.

Train Wants

Australian German shepherds are energetic canine that require not less than 90 minutes of train per day, ideally cut up into two separate walks. This crossbreed is clever, alert, and enjoys having a job to do, which makes them notably well-suited to actions like agility and herding. Swimming is a superb exercise for senior Australian German shepherds as a result of it really works out their our bodies whereas relieving stress from their joints.

Australian shepherd German shepherd mixes do greatest in households with massive backyards as they want plenty of house to run round. With out every day train, this crossbreed turns into stressed and sometimes turns to undesirable behaviors to get out extra power.

Psychological Wants

The Australian shepherd German shepherd combine wants not less than 60 minutes of psychological stimulation per day to remain blissful and mentally match. Puzzle toys are an effective way to stimulate this canine as a result of it excels at problem-solving and loves a problem.

Studying new methods and instructions and taking part in with interactive toys are different nice methods to satisfy the Australian German shepherd’s psychological wants.

Frequent Well being Considerations

An Australian shepherd German shepherd mix running through the woods with a stick in its mouth
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German Australian shepherds are comparatively wholesome, with a mean lifespan of 12 to fifteen years. Nevertheless, the canine are affected by lots of the circumstances their mum or dad breeds are liable to. These well being circumstances embrace hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), and bloat.

  • Hip dysplasia: An irregular formation of the hip joint which causes mobility points, lameness, and ache. Hip dysplasia is treatable and managed with weight discount, bodily remedy, remedy, and surgical procedure.
  • Elbow dysplasia: Just like hip dysplasia, however impacts the canine’s elbow sockets. The situation causes ache, swelling, mobility points, and might result in arthritis. Elbow dysplasia is handled with the identical measures as hip dysplasia.
  • Cataracts: A situation the place the lens of the attention turns into clouded, inflicting imaginative and prescient points. Cataracts might be eliminated with surgical procedure.
  • PRA: An inherited illness that causes the cells within the retina to degenerate and deteriorate over time. The situation causes irreversible blindness and might’t be handled.
  • Bloat: A harmful situation that causes the canine’s abdomen to quickly refill with fuel or fluid and twist and distend. Bloat might be deadly and requires emergency remedy instantly.

Merle German Australian shepherds are liable to well being points, particularly eye and ear issues, as a result of the merle colour sample is brought on by a genetic mutation. All the time search for respected breeders which can be blissful to offer you the mother and father’ well being screenings.

Coaching a German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Combine

The German shepherd Australian shepherd combine can choose up new methods and instructions rapidly. The canine is happiest when given a job to do and excels at targeted actions similar to scent work, agility, herding, and safety work.

Since this crossbreed is extremely clever and work-focused, coaching can start as early as 8 weeks previous. Begin with crate coaching, home coaching, and socialization, which entails exposing your pet to new sights, smells, sounds, and environment to assist it turn into a assured grownup. Separation anxiousness is frequent on this crossbreed, so that you also needs to assist the canine turn into accustomed to being alone from an early age.

Beginning at three months previous, start fundamental obedience coaching and leash coaching. Optimistic reinforcement is one of the best coaching strategy for a German Australian shepherd as a result of punishment typically trigger stress and concern. Adhere to a every day coaching schedule, and be agency and assured when instructing your canine new issues.

German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Combine Price

German shepherd Australian shepherd combine canine are comparatively reasonably priced. The preliminary worth depends upon whether or not you purchase them from a breeder or select to undertake an grownup canine.

How A lot is a German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Combine?

A German shepherd Australian shepherd combine purchased from a breeder prices $300 to $800 USD. The precise worth of an Australian German shepherd pet depends upon its look and lineage. Puppies with uncommon coloration, like strong white or black, are typically the most costly.

Adopting an grownup canine is less expensive than shopping for from a breeder. Adoption charges sometimes vary between $150 and $300. Nevertheless, Australian German shepherds are not often put up for adoption and might be troublesome to search out in rescue shelters.

How A lot Does it Price to Elevate a German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Combine?

The month-to-month value of elevating a German shepherd Australian shepherd combine is $85 to $160 on common, which covers bills similar to meals, grooming provides, healthcare, and toys.

The primary 12 months is dearer than different years as a result of house owners should purchase preliminary pet provides like bedding and strolling tools. Coaching lessons, pet sitters, {and professional} grooming journeys can even improve month-to-month prices of elevating an Australian German shepherd combine.

Ought to You Get a German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Combine?

The German shepherd Australian shepherd combine is an clever and affectionate canine that makes a beautiful household pet. Nevertheless, the crossbreed’s excessive power degree, proneness to separation anxiousness, and powerful guarding instincts imply it isn’t appropriate for all folks or life.

German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mixes are Appropriate for:

German shepherd Australian shepherd mixes are well-suited to energetic households who’re ready to groom, train, and prepare a canine frequently. Households with massive backyards are greatest for these canine due to their excessive power degree, however they will nonetheless dwell in residences in the event that they’re taken out for normal train.

German Australian shepherds are notably very best companions for these wanting a household watchdog due to their protecting nature and powerful guarding instincts.

German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mixes are NOT Appropriate for:

The German shepherd Australian shepherd combine isn’t appropriate for inactive folks or folks with mobility points. This crossbreed typically suffers from separation anxiousness if left alone for lengthy durations of time, so the canine wants an proprietor that may be with them all through the day.

Households with younger youngsters ought to keep away from this crossbreed as a result of the canine might by chance knock down youngsters about whereas taking part in. Because the German Australian shepherd wants plenty of consideration, playtime, and coaching, the breed isn’t appropriate for individuals who lead busy life.

German Australian shepherds are typically reserved round strangers, and subsequently choose a house surroundings the place they received’t be consistently uncovered to new faces.



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