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How To Use The mbg Dream Mist For Aromatherapy In Your Routine

Our clear method can also be made out of secure, naturally-derived components, so you should use it wherever, at any time when, and worry-free. Whether or not you select to make the most of your spray within the morning, mid-day, or night you may be surrounded by a tranquil scent. Though, we do not advocate you spray it—or any aromatherapy mist, for that matter—straight in your pores and skin. It is a pillow spray, not a fragrance!

A significant bonus? The mist is travel-friendly, so you may preserve it in your bag to serve some aromatherapy on the go. At 59 milliliters, the bottle can also be carry-on accredited—simply in case you ever need to give your seat a spritz mid-flight. Let the calming notes transport you to dreamland as you soar by way of the air.



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