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Julien Chang Unveils New Track ‘Snakebit’

Julien Chang has shared one other preview of his upcoming report The Sale. ‘Snakebit’ follows the beforehand launched songs ‘Marmalade’ and ‘Time & Place’. Try its accompanying visible, animated by Vaughn Taormina, under.

“‘Snakebit’ emerged throughout a interval of transformation,” Chang stated in a press launch. “This was across the time I left Baltimore for College in the course of New Jersey. The awkwardness of the transition and the discomfort of ‘rising pains’ provoked in me a form of artistic agitation which discovered its outlet most decisively on this track. However the track will not be solely about altering. Additionally it is about encountering change: in a reflective flip, encountering myself who’s altering after which interrogating him, testing the bounds of the ‘new me’ earlier than discovering that I’m actually not so totally different.”

Of the video, Chang commented: “The track takes the type of a self-interrogation. I’ve modified, however how? and when? Why? This video simulates the fragmented, unfocused, and self-contradictory seek for clues that one falls into making an attempt to reply. Taken as a complete, the animations all appear to go collectively on a single string, however examined individually, it’s clear that what binds them isn’t any logical order. On this sense, the video has the construction of a dream. Whereas dreaming, a fast sequence of freely-associated photographs and occasions appears to make excellent sense. It is just upon sober reflection the next morning that these photographs and occasions change into absurd, random, and nonsensical.”

The Sale arrives November 4 through Transgressive.



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