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Laser and RF Therapies Across the Eye Space


I’ve had two of three therapies of Morpheus8 round my eyes. Up to now, it hasn’t achieved a lot. Nevertheless, my concern is that I had terrible bruising round my left eye, and now, three weeks later, I nonetheless have a deep purple/purple mark underneath the left eye. No quantity of make-up covers it up. If this factor stays (it doesn’t seem like fading), what could be achieved? It’s now essentially the most noticeable factor on my face! I’m 72. My pores and skin is not dangerous for my age, and I assumed the Morpheus8 therapy may assist enhance the skinny pores and skin round my eyes a bit of bit. I used to be prepared to threat “no change” however didn’t anticipate it to look worse! Thanks for any recommendation you possibly can provide.

My coronary heart goes out to you on this. Mainly the Morpheus 8 is micro needling with a bit of warmth added. You would maybe say this about all RF micro needling programs, and these programs typically appear the identical from the advertising. Nevertheless, they’re engineered fairly otherwise, and may have very completely different outcomes. However how is a shopper to know this? It’s powerful. Similar factor for lasers. Until you possibly can have a look at a sophisticated spec sheet for the system and perceive it, you possibly can’t fault your self in any method.

Simply as an apart, I not too long ago completed a re-review of the anatomy across the eyes, and it is vitally sophisticated. The pores and skin, muscle, and fats layers are so skinny. The muscular layer (assume closing your eyes, squinting, and so forth.) isn’t a great goal for micro needling or any HA injection. I believe it’s very tough to place a micro needling system precisely within the dermis and NOT get it within the muscle or fats. HA injections ought to go underneath the fats or simply over the muscular layer – not in it.

So listed below are some ideas for you:

  • Please be sure to’ve contacted your board licensed dermatologist that did the therapy to allow them to know what occurred, and that will help you.
  • Your therapy was achieved 3 weeks in the past. Often no outcomes (tightening) from this can be seen for at the least 1-2 months.
  • Curiously, lymphatic drainage across the eyes is definitely impaired briefly from therapies on this space. When you’re ready to see your derm, light lymphatic therapeutic massage twice a day could assist. Utilizing a gentle lotion, or HA serum very flippantly (not a lot strain), therapeutic massage with one finger, underneath the attention sweeping out to your hairline.  About 5-10 seconds is sweet. It might assist the discoloration resolve sooner. Extra isn’t higher!
  • Purple marks could resolve extra shortly with a “bruise” setting on an IPL/BBL. Your dermatologist could have one.

Hope this helps,

Dr. Brandith Irwin



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