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Marijuana Advantages, Dose, Analysis, Aspect Results


Bhang, Marijuana has been utilized in Ayurveda and in some Indian competition drinks (Holi) since many centuries. In Ayurveda, it’s utilized in treating low digestion power, IBS, insomnia and muscle pains. However it’s grouped beneath Upavisha – sub- poisonous herbs. Therefore, purification is required earlier than its very-careful and restricted dose and time utilization. 

Botanical Title- Hashish sativa Linn.
Household name- CANNABACEAE

bhang leaf


The variation in hashish is significantly following primarily two patterns on the idea of which two large unfold sorts are dissemble. These has been raised the rank of sub-species

  1. Hashish sativa
  2. Hashish indica
Bhanga - Ayurveda

Hashish sativa, is grown for fibre and oil.

Different Sub-species

  1. Hashish spontanea
  2. Hashish gigantea
  3. Hashish kafiristanica

These have a substantial potential for the manufacturing of intoxicant materials.

Medicinal properties

Marijuana – medicinal Properties:
Rasa (style)- Tikta (Bitter)
Guna (qualities) – laghu (gentle), Teekshna (robust), Vyavayi – spreads to all elements of the physique swiftly.
Vipaka- Katu – Undergoes pungent style conversion after digestion
Veerya – Ushna – Scorching efficiency
Impact on Tridosha: Balances Vata and Kapha Dosha.

cannabis sativa

Half used, dosage

Half Used: Leaves
Bhanga leaf Powder: 125- 250- mg- ; ganja 60- 125 mg; Charas 30 mg, in divided doses per day.
Cannabis/Charas is – leaves and/or high a part of the hashish flower is chewed or smoked. The time period Charas is used to point exudate discovered on leaves and branches
Ganja/Marijuana is generally dried leaves used to smoke and even ingested straight. The time period Ganja can be used to point feminine plant containing inflorescence containing a kind of liquid.
Bhang is when hashish leaves are floor up and blended and brewed with milk. Bhang time period can be used to point leaf and branches having flowers and fruits.

Bhang in Nighantu

  • Bhavaprakasha additionally point out the therapeutic impact of the drug in Atisaradhikara
  • Raja nighantu give the results and therapeutic use of Bhanga, additionally in Madanapala Nighantu
  • Within the shodala nighantu additionally there may be reference of Bhanga
  • In Nasadhikara, Bhavaprakasha point out the therapeutic use of Bhanga
  • Chakradatha mentions within the kushta chikitsa it’s having the property of eradicating the exterior germs.
  • In fashionable texts of medicinal crops there’s a large rationalization of drug (hashish sativa) for its narcotic utilities.

Sanskrit verse

Marijuana benefits

Bhang Makes use of

Pittala – Will increase Pitta Dosha
Grahi – absorbent, helpful in diarrhoea, IBS
Karshani – causes weight reduction, helpful in weight problems
Vahni Vardhini , Deepana – improves digestion power
Ruchya – improves style, relieves anorexia.
Madakrut – causes intoxication
Pachani – Digestive, relieves Ama Dosha
Nidrakara – induces sleep
Ushna – will increase physique temperature
Kamada – will increase libido
Vak Vardhini – will increase urge to talk
In low doses, it’s utilized in treating Glaucoma, convulsions, epilepsy, schizophrenia.
Bhang may be very helpful in relieving ache. There are various medicines like Sativex® mouth spray, used for treating power pains in Canada and some European international locations.
Marijuana is probably helpful in treating a number of sclerosis, to alleviate ache, spasms and irritation.

Exterior utility

Exterior utility of Bhang :
Marijuana leaves paste is utilized externally to alleviate ache and to extend heat. It is usually helpful in worm infested wounds and in atopic dermatitis.
It’s utilized over pile mass to shrink it and to alleviate itching and ache.

Marijuana leaf

Purification technique

Purification course of: Bhanga Shodhana –
Earlier than its utilization, it’s subjected to a purification process.
Its leaves are tied in a material and boiled in milk for 3 hours. After that, it’s taken out, dried and fried in ghee. Solely after this, Hashish sativa is used for medicinal functions.


Distribution of Bhang: Present in sub- Himalayan tracts, grows in waste locations Additionally cultivated for narcotic use.
It’s present in Iraq and Iran as nicely.


Anti bacterial exercise
Analgesic and anti-inflammatory exercise
Microscopical and chemical examine

Uncomfortable side effects

It’s unsafe throughout being pregnant, lactation and in kids.
It shouldn’t be utilized in individuals with hypertension and who’re prone for coronary heart assault.

Long run use of excessive doses Marijuana could trigger:
Decreased respiratory immunity
Nervousness and melancholy
Lowered testosterone stage, sperm high quality and rely

The uncomfortable side effects are extra seen in individuals with low BP, liver problems or diabetes.

Interplay with medicines, dietary supplements

Can this be used whereas taking Homeopathic medication?
Sure. This product doesn’t react with homeopathic medication.

this medication be continued whereas taking dietary supplements like multivitamin tablets,
Omega 3 fatty acids and many others?

Sure. Typically, this product goes nicely with most
of the dietary dietary supplements. Nevertheless, if you’re taking multiple product
per day, please seek the advice of your physician for an opinion.

With western
Search your
physician’s recommendation if you’re taking this product together with different western
(allopathic / fashionable) medicines. Some Ayurvedic herbs can work together with fashionable
If each Ayurvedic and allopathic medicines are suggested collectively, then it’s
finest to take Allopathic medication first, anticipate half-hour after which take the
Ayurvedic medication.

Ayurvedic medicines

Ayurvedic medicines containing Hashish sativa as ingredient:
Pushpadhanwa Ras – 
used within the Ayurvedic therapy of sexual problems reminiscent of low stamina, untimely ejaculation.
Jatiphaladi Churna – utilized in therapy of digestive and respiratory circumstances.
Nidroday Ras –  utilized in therapy of  sleeplessness, nocturnal emission.
Bahumutrantak Ras – Utilized in treating frequent urination.
Maha Jwarankush Ras – utilized in treating fever, power fever, intermittent fever and many others.

Substitute for opioid painkillers

For individuals with power ache, a examine was carried out on 1100 individuals in Vancouver, who had been counting on opioids, day by day use of hashish helped them to substitute illicit opioids (analysis)

Non secular significance

Marijuana, Ayurveda and spirituality:
The aim of Ayurveda is to take care of well being of wholesome and to deal with the diseased. To attain these functions, particularly the latter one, Ayurveda doesn’t shy to make use of any and all means. Therefore there’s a assertion in Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana 1st chapter

Chemical constituents

Marijuana –  chemical constituents:
Cannabinol, Tetrahydro- cannabiol, Cannabidiol, Cannabichromene, I- dehydro- tetrahydrocannabinol, eugenol, sequiterpenenes, cannabinodis and many others.
(Reference: Illustrated Dravyaguna VIjnana, Vol. II, by Dr JLN Shastry)
Cannabinoids, resinous exudates , cannabidiol , cannabinol, cannatrichomere , cannabicitran, canbicyclol Cannabispiran, iso cannabrispiran, dehydro cannabispiran
Additionally, Cannabinol , tetrahydrocannabinol, 1-dehydro cannabidiol and different phinolic compounds , together with eugenol , guacol , amino acids c-glycosy – favamaids.

There isn’t a substance within the universe that can not be used as medication. Any substance can be utilized as medication if the physician makes use of yukti.          Yukti – methods to make a deliberate mixture of the medication and Artha – what truly is the aim of the substance.

Because of this solely, we see lot of non veg substances, narcotic and toxic substances utilized in Ayurveda as medication.
Therefore, from a strict medical perspective, Ayurveda recommends utilizing Marijuana in particular doses to deal with particular circumstances, for particular quantities of time durations.

From a religious perspective, Spirituality is inward journey. For which, I suppose we must always not rely on exterior stimuli within the type of Marijuana, LSD and many others.

Use in a number of sclerosis

There are some minor proof that Marijuana is beneficial within the therapy of a number of sclerosis.
Its extract – delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabidiol – is out there as a oral spray medication referred to as . That is utilized in treating spasticity related to a number of sclerosis. This medication is out there in 15 international locations.

Moral issues

Moral issues associated to Bhang utilization:
Marijuana is utilized in some Indian festivals, however it’s unlawful right here in India, to make use of, possess or promote it. Many individuals get caught doing this stuff each day.
It’s being legalized in lots of states in USA.
Medically, Marijuana is being proved to be very helpful within the therapies of a number of sclerosis, parkinson’s illnesses and many others.
In Ayurveda additionally, there are a lot of medicines with it, as ingredient, like Madanakameshwari lehya, used as aphrodisiac, Sarpagandha vati, used for treating insomnia and many others.

It is vitally true that medical use of Marijuana may be very useful. However simply because Marijuana is being made authorized, it shouldn’t be understood that everybody can use it with none uncomfortable side effects. Alcohol and smoking are additionally authorized. However they’ve repercussions on our well being.

In relation to moral reasoning, it’s best to ask ourselves –
Will we give Marijuana to our youngsters?
No, in the event that they wish to use it for leisure functions,
Sure, for a brief time frame, if they’ve illness by which Marijuana will be very helpful to deal with higher than another medication.

In some elements of India, religious masters take Marijuana to really feel excessive and really feel pleased.
It’s nonetheless unethical to do it. Non secular bliss ought to come from inside and never from an exterior supply.
Anybody can smoke it and really feel excessive however that momentary happiness and elation is coming from an exterior supply, not from the interior supply of everlasting power, what we name as God.

Advantages as per Rasa Tarangini

Kshut deepani – improves digestion power
Dhvajabhanga hara – helpful in erectile dysfunction
Svapnameha – nocturnal emission
Shukrastambhana kari – helpful in untimely ejaculation
Nidra pradayini – promotes sleep
Kama uddeepana karini – improves libido
Pralapa nashika – helpful to cut back extra discuss (schizophrenia symptom)

Dhanustambhahara – relieves stiffness of the again, kyphosis, scoliosis
Antrashoolahara – intestinal colic ache
Vrukkashoolahara – kidney associated pains
Pitta Shoolaghni – colic ache as a result of Pitta
Amashaya balaprada – strengthens abdomen
Ajeerna – indigestion
Atisara – diarrhea
Unmada – schizophrenia

Mutrala – diuretic
Rakta samyukta mutrasrava – hematurea
Arsha – hemorrhoids
Jwara – fever
Vrana meha – syphilis, genital accidents, wounds, ulcers
Nadi daurbalya – nerve weak point
Timira – eye problems, imaginative and prescient points
Raja shola – dysmenorrhea

Raktapradara – menorrhagia
Kasa – cough
Ardhavabhedaka – migraine

Systemic classification

Kingdom        –           Plantae
Sub kingdom –          Phenerogamae
Division         –           Angiospermae
Class               –           Dicotyledon
Subclass         –           Monochlamydeae
Collection             –           Unisexuales
Order              –           urticales
Household            –           Cannabinaceae
Genus              –          Hashish
Species           –           Sativa

Sanskrit Synonyms

Ganja, Ganjayika, Jaya, Vijaya,
Indrasana, Bhangika
Matulani, Madani

Seeds, hemp seed, hulled

Style – mildly candy
Properties – unctuous (accommodates round 30% fat), heavy (excessive calorific worth)
Efficiency – sizzling
After digestion style transformation ( Vipaka ) – candy
Impact on Doshas
Vata balancing (scale back signs of PMS and menopause)
Pitta nourishing (aids digestion)
Kapha balancing (as a result of sizzling efficiency)

Vernacular names

Names in numerous languages:
Arabic : Hinab, Kanab, Kinnab, Naba tulqunenals
Assami : Dai ma
Bengal : Bhang, Ganja, Sidhi
Burma : Ben, Bin, Sechaub, Sejarbim
Canarese/ Kannada : Bhangi, Bhangigida, Bhangisoppu
Canton : Fu ma
Catalan : Canam, Canem
Celtic : Kanas
Centra provinees : Ganja
Clinese : Fuma, ma , Tama, Tang ma
Cutch : Ganja
Deccan : Ganja, Sidhi
Dutch : Hennip, Indische hennepkrid , Kennip
English : Indian Hemp
French : Cannibis, Canaban, Candi, Caneba, Cannab, Chambric, Chamust,
Hindi Title- Charas, Bhang
English Title- Indian Hemp, Marijuana
Kannada Title – Bhangi Soppu
Telugu – Gunjai
Bengali Title- Ganja, Bhang, Siddi
Gujarati Title – Bhag
Farsi title – Kinnab
Spanish : Bhangane de la India, Cannamo, Canamo Indiana
Sweedish: tlamp
Tamil Bhangi, Ganjam , Kalpam, Korkkamuchi, Ganja, Ganjaa, Gorakkar Mooligai.
Telugu : Bhagiaku, Ganjachettu, kalpa mechettu
Turkish: Trace heneviri



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