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Resuscitate Final Summer season’s White Sneakers With This Low cost Trick

Ah, spring, when a person’s fancy flip to…placing on something however the heavy waterproof boots he’s been carrying to stomp by means of slush for the previous 5 months. Nothing says, “dressed so recent so clear” as a pair of good white Vans or Cloudfoams. Till scuffs, scrapes, and smudges threaten to soiled up these white sneakers the second you are taking them out of the field.

What’s a sneakerhead to do?

Simply ask Mr. Clear.

How you can Clear White Sneakers with a Magic Eraser

Yep, the follicularly-challenged scourge of cleaning soap scum additionally does a quantity on the grime and dirt plaguing your favourite sneakers. The Mr. Clear Magic Eraser is a melamine foam sponge – mainly, a super-fine scrub brush that will get into all of the little grooves and crannies, terminating stains with excessive prejudice. WITHOUT damaging the floor itself. Magic? Possibly!



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