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What do you see if you meditate? Maybe your reply is a convincing “nothing!”–and that is completely okay. Nevertheless, although a state of meditation is commonly cultivated via the withdrawal of the senses, there are lots of practices that make the most of psychological imagery or your inside senses as the thing or focus of your focus. By practising visualization, we are able to use our sense of inner-sight and creativeness to assist us go deeper into our meditation observe, connecting with each our unconscious and our every day lives. In case you’re occupied with making an attempt out completely different types of meditation and mindfulness, listed here are seven easy methods to get you began!

What’s visualization meditation?

Visualization is a method of meditation the place the practitioner focuses their consideration on a optimistic picture, thought, feeling, or sensation. In this sort of meditation, the practitioner will visualize a picture or idea of their thoughts’s eye, and stay targeted on this picture through the observe. Visualization will be extra partaking than common meditation as a result of you employ your creativeness to actively create photographs and scenes in your thoughts.

Some individuals discover visualization meditation is ample when practiced alone, however some use it with further practices, reminiscent of pranayama or mantra meditation, to additional improve focus, create a sense of deep rest, and stop the thoughts from wandering into ideas.

Why is visualization so highly effective?

Visualization is a way that helps us see our inside world otherwise. Once we visualize, we create photographs in our minds that assist us perceive ourselves and others higher. We will additionally use visualization to alter our ideas, emotions, feelings, and behaviors. For instance, in case you’re feeling anxious about one thing, you may think your self in a secure place, surrounded by family and friends. Or in case you’re feeling unhappy, you may think your self surrounded and infused with a shiny pleased pink colour.

Visualization meditation makes our ideas and feelings extra tangible by associating them with bodily kinds. It helps us see what we need to change or manifest in our lives and offers us the instruments for transformation. Visualization meditation additionally helps us connect with our inside knowledge, which is all the time obtainable to information us towards our highest potential.

How does the observe of visualization meditation work?

Once we take into consideration one thing, we construct a psychological image of it. The images we create in our heads are primarily based on our previous experiences, recollections, and expectations. Once we take into consideration one thing we’ve got by no means skilled earlier than, we merely don’t have all the data obtainable to create a transparent image of what it seems like. Our brains fill within the gaps with creativeness, making a psychological mannequin of what the thing may seem like.

Analysis utilizing mind imaging means that visualization works as a result of each time we visualize one thing, our brains interpret the imagery in an identical option to how they’d course of an precise expertise. Once we see ourselves doing one thing, our brains create a neural pathway that helps us put together our our bodies to behave in a means that matches what we noticed in our thoughts’s eye. So no matter we practice our minds to consider turns into our actuality, and the extra we do it, the extra our actual lives begin to change and emulate what we imagined.

7 kinds of visualization meditation practices

There are seven principal visualization meditation methods.They will broadly be categorized into two principal varieties. Methods that concentrate on visualizing one thing tangible exterior of the physique and people who encourage us to see from the thoughts’s eye inside. To discover a visualization observe that works for you, take into account a number of of the next kinds of meditations.

1. Yantra or Mandala

A yantra is a diagram product of geometric patterns that, I’ve defined to college students, is sort of like a mantra for the eyes (Actually, most yantras are associated to a mantra and deity). Generally utilized in tantric practices, considering a yantra generally is a highly effective software for focusing consciousness. Nevertheless, even with out a particular which means hooked up, any mandala can function an object of meditation. By visualizing symmetrical and repetitive patterns, both with our eyes open or internally, we kind new pathways within the mind and stimulate a way of steadiness, readability, and rest.

2. Guru or Deity

Many non secular traditions concentrate on visualizing both a non secular instructor or a deity and calling upon its qualities. Remember the fact that in each Hinduism and Buddhism, gods and goddesses signify completely different virtues of the divine and of ourselves. By visualizing deities, we concentrate on embodying these qualities in our personal lives, so earlier than starting, discover a deity you can relate to and whose traits you want to embrace in your life.

3. Anything that has which means to you

If the objects above don’t resonate together with your curiosity, experiment with visualizing a candle flame, thee think about of a flower, the solar or moon, your favourite place, or the eyes or face of a cherished one. Something that brings you a sense of tranquility or ease can assist you to come back into a spot of upper self-awareness and is an acceptable image for visualization.

4. Chakra or Vitality

A standard inner visualization train is to concentrate on gentle or vitality inside your physique. One option to observe that is by specializing in both a particular chakra (third eye, coronary heart, and so forth.) or on the entire chakras sequentially as a spectrum of sunshine and colours. In case you’re unable to see colours, you may merely think about these vitality facilities as lights, flames, symbolic lotus flowers, or high-density locations of spinning vitality.

5. Guided journey artistic visualizations

Usually scripted, journey-style visualization will be helpful to those that have bother retaining the thoughts targeted or for many who are in search of perception into every day life. These meditations normally embody a rest train adopted by a stroll via nature, recommended encounters of some type, and symbolic objects or obstacles that you simply may discover all through your means. These practices are normally created with the intention of connecting you with completely different facets of your unconscious thoughts.

It will also be empowering to guide your self via a journey of your selection, particularly via a troublesome scenario in life, with a purpose to see your self selecting behaviors and actions which are helpful to you. Numerous theories counsel the concept our ideas management our realities, so visualizing real-life situations can function a strong train in overcoming challenges and creating the behaviors that you simply need to actualize.

6. Coloration respiration

Take a couple of moments to resolve on a sense or high quality that you simply need to deliver into your life. Subsequent, assign a colour that greatest pertains to this sense or high quality. For instance, if you wish to really feel pleased, you may select a soothing blue or energizing orange. If you wish to really feel calm, you may select inexperienced. While you’re prepared, shut your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply. Take into consideration the colour you’ve chosen and visualize it in your thoughts. As you breathe in, really feel the colour wash over your face, arms, chest, legs, ft, arms, and fingers. Breathe within the colour and really feel it fully filling up your physique. You’ll be able to exhale and keep targeted on the colour or you may really feel you might be respiration out any damaging emotions.

7. Loving-kindness meditation

Loving-kindness is a Buddhist meditation that helps you construct compassion, empathy, forgiveness, and acceptance for your self and others. This visible meditation observe entails feeling and imagining your self sending kindness to vital individuals in your life.

You start by imagining somebody you care about deeply. As you are feeling their presence, you repeat a comforting phrase like “could you be pleased, could you be secure. Might you be wholesome, peaceable, and powerful.” as you repeat these phrases over and over, really feel your gratitude for his or her presence in your life. Stick with that feeling, repeating the comforting phrases.

Advantages of visualization meditation

Visualization meditation is a kind of meditation that helps us achieve perception into our inside world. It’s used to develop compassion, empathy, love, and knowledge. It’s a software to assist us perceive ourselves higher and learn to relate to others. It’s a methodology of growing optimistic qualities reminiscent of endurance, kindness, forgiveness, and tolerance.

Various kinds of visualization workouts supply completely different advantages. Nevertheless, for these with wandering minds, any sort of visualization observe can supply a particular attention-grabbing focus, together with steering, both imprecise or detailed, relying in your wants.

We will use visualization workouts to assist loosen up our our bodies and minds, to get in contact with our personal vitality, or to attach with one thing better than ourselves. Visualization additionally helps us to develop each creativity and focus as we practice our thoughts’s eye to work in new methods with a purpose to kind detailed photographs.

Athletes generally use a type of visualization meditation to spice up their well being and althetic efficiency. It’s a very efficient method for coping with stress, nervousness, despair, insomnia, and lots of different circumstances. It has been confirmed to scale back blood stress, enhance sleep high quality, and improve emotions of wellbeing.

Visualization can also be generally used as a part of reaching a state of yoga nidra, or yogic sleep, within the type of picture recollection and launch. By attending to know and using the area behind our brow, often called Chidakasha (which interprets to “the area of consciousness”), we grow to be attuned to completely different sides of our personal consciousness.

Lastly, the visualization course of will be taken over to life exterior of meditation as nicely. In essence, we are able to use visualization to facilitate therapeutic, to beat obstacles, to advertise optimistic emotions, and to check main our lives in the best way that feels greatest.

Visualization ideas

Whereas many people are inclined to simply visualize objects, concepts, or vitality, for many people (myself included), visualization doesn’t come naturally. In case you fall into this latter class of individuals, fear not! Visualization, like all meditation practices and methods, is one thing that may be realized via repetition, retaining a couple of ideas in thoughts:

  • In case you’re utilizing an object of focus, grow to be acquainted with this picture beforehand. Preserve the picture or object in a spot the place you see it usually, and have a look at it all through the day to memorize its particulars.
  • With a bodily object of meditation, it might probably additionally assist to start your meditation observe with open eyes and, if the picture fades out of your thoughts rapidly, to take a fast look at your object now and again.
  • If it’s nonetheless onerous to “see,” use your creativeness and senses to proceed to observe.
  • Discover a snug place the place you may stay each alert and relaxed in a spot that feels nourishing to you.
  • Preserve a sluggish, deep breath all through your entire course of.
  • When you end up drifting off, gently return your focus again to the psychological picture.
  • Begin small and construct slowly. In case you’ve by no means meditated earlier than, attempt beginning with simply 5 minutes per session. As soon as you are feeling snug with that size of time, improve your period to fifteen minutes, or nonetheless lengthy you’d wish to go.
  • Put aside time every day to dedicate your self to establishing a daily meditation observe.

Is visualization one thing that you simply’ve discovered useful for focusing your thoughts or seeing completely different sides of your self? Tell us you probably have a favourite visualization method from the listing above. Please share your eye-opening experiences with our group!



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