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What Is Hyperpigmentation? My Expertise Dwelling WIth Hyperpigmentation – BANISH


One of the crucial widespread “unwanted side effects” of pimples susceptible pores and skin is hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is brought on by an extra manufacturing of melanin – one thing that pimples irritation brings out. 


 Hyperpigmentation a is pores and skin situation by which patches of pores and skin change into darker in coloration than the same old regular surrounding pores and skin. This occurs when the pores and skin produces extra melanin than it ought to, normally after irritation or from elevated hormones, and it impacts folks of all pores and skin sorts and can occur on the pores and skin wherever on the face or physique. 



  • Melasma
  • Solar spots
  • Submit-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Age spots
  • Freckles


The colour of those darkish spots can vary wherever from pink to brown and final for a number of weeks to a number of months. 

Hyperpigmentation is available in totally different varieties and so they embody circumstances like melasma, solar spots or photoaging, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, age spots aka liver spots and freckles.


This pores and skin situation is characterised as “gray-brown” patches that seem on the cheeks, higher lip and middle of the brow that are often brought on by hormones. Melasma is widespread throughout being pregnant phases, or whereas taking contraception capsules. Melasma typically stops or resolves after giving beginning or discontinuing consumption of hormonal contraceptive capsules for some girls however typically it could actually additionally happen or present up in some girls with no hormonal clarification. Melasma is also referred to as chloasma spots.

Solar Spots

This pores and skin situation is also referred to as photoaging. Sunspot is among the types of hyperpigmentation which usually reveals up later in life after exposing oneself to the solar’s UV rays. Sunspots or photoaging seem bigger than freckles do and so they look extra like clusters of darkish spots on the pores and skin complexion.


A typical sort of hyperpigmentation is Submit inflammatory hyperpigmentation, or quite often known as PIH, is a scientific time period used for the pesky darkish spots which present up after a pimple goes away or heals. It additionally happens after pores and skin trauma corresponding to an insect chunk or scratch. Any type of irritation causes the melanocytes to be activated and create extra pigments, therefore leading to darkish spots the place the irritation passed off.


Age or liver spots are widespread types of hyperpigmentation that happen to solar injury. Dermatologists typically check with them as “photo voltaic lentigines” as they seem as small, darkened patches are normally discovered on the arms, face or different areas which can be often uncovered to the solar.


These types of hyperpigmentation are often known as hereditary brown spots and most distinguished on the nostril bridge and cheeks. They’re widespread at any age however begin throughout childhood.


As talked about above, hyperpigmentation is brought on by an elevated melanin synthesis introduced by the elevated hormonal ranges in a human physique.

Except for this, hyperpigmentation additionally outcomes from the next:


Often known as photo voltaic lentigines or solar publicity. Our physique produces extra melanin to guard our pores and skin from extended publicity to Mr. Sunshine and an excessive amount of melanin manufacturing may cause darkish spots or patches referred to as age spots or solar spots to look on our pores and skin. 


Individuals who have had pores and skin irritation expertise having darkened pores and skin. Pores and skin irritation contains pimples, eczema, lupus and pores and skin damage. Pores and skin irritation typically results in post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.


Who’s Most LIkely To Develope Hyperpigmentation?

Individuals who often expose themselves to the solar’s UV rays for a protracted time period with out making use of sunscreen and people who beforehand had pores and skin irritation usually tend to endure from hyperpigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation is taken into account as a benign pores and skin situation in addition to a beauty concern greater than as medical, which will be handled by having sunscreen safety and coverings like laser, microneedling, chemical peels, and skincare elements like Vitamin C, or niacinamide. 

Most individuals expertise some hyperpigmentation for one motive or one other, so despite the fact that it could actually take an enormous toll in your vanity, there may be completely nothing to be embarrassed about. And there are such a lot of merchandise and procedures on the market to assist. You simply have to seek out the one which works for you

My Expertise Dwelling With Hyperpigmentation

In my case, nevertheless, my discoloration gained’t appear to go away.  Ever since my first main breakout I’ve had the identical a number of hyperpigmentation spots on my cheek, some have barely pale however none have pale to the purpose the place I’m snug leaving the home with out make-up. 

Sadly, as a result of I’ve acne-prone pores and skin, hyperpigmentation will all the time be an issue (as quickly as one begins to fade I get one other pimple that naturally leaves behind one more disagreeable mark). 

I’ve consulted physician after physician and used product after product in hope that one thing will assist clear up my hyperpigmentation however alas nothing has labored. I’ve been instructed that there are very restricted choices to eliminating hyperpigmentation. Right here is a few instance: lotions, laser remedies, chemical peels, pores and skin lighteners, derma-rollers, and the worst of all “time”.

Over-the-counter lotions and better finish lotions personally, have nearly no impact on my hyperpigmentation. Laser remedies are, once more very costly and time-consuming. Chemical peels and pores and skin lighteners – very time-consuming and (together with the a number of the different remedies) Derma-roller procedures carried out by a dermatologist will also be too time consuming for me. 

Ready it out has by no means labored for me and as I defined earlier it normally leaves me disenchanted as a result of I uncover new spots left behind by present pimples breakouts. 

For this reason I’m very keen on Banish’s Banish Equipment microneedling system. I believe that providing an at residence various that’s not solely cheaper but in addition efficient is a good concept. I do know that many individuals will agree with me once I say having pimples is a “gateway” downside, it begins off small after which regularly will get worse with out correct remedies. However as soon as the pimples is handled then marks are left behind, whether or not it’s hyperpigmentation, scars, or each (like in my case)! 

The entire expertise will be draining, however it’s nice that there are methods to deal with hyperpigmentation particularly with the Banish Equipment microneedling system. 



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