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WILDHEART | Capercaillies Battle for the Proper to Mate | Nature



– [Narrator] Capercaillie, a hen that has an intimate relationship with the Scots pine.

They dwell right here, breed right here, and even feed on the tree needles when different fruits and berries wither away.

(music) (rhythmic popping) Widespread and widespread in Scotland, their stronghold is right here within the huge pine forest.

(birds squawking) The male hen’s weird popping name is summoning the females to the lek.

[{wings flapping]} (copious popping) (wings flapping) (birds chirping) (popping name) Right here in a forest clearing, they’re going to compete for the proper to mate completely with all of the hen capercaillies.

(birds chirping) (capercaillie calling) Weighing in at 9 kilos, this younger hen is in very good situation (popping name) (distant name) However an older male is up for the combat too.

(popping name) (capercaillie squawks) (music) (capercaillie popping) (capercaillie squawks) (wings flapping) (capercaillies popping) (wings flapping) (capercaillie popping) (music) It is time to do battle.

(music) (capercaillies squawking) (wings flapping) (music) They’re evenly matched.

It is merely a query of who offers method first.

(capercaillies squawking) (music) (capercaillie popping) The youthful male is on the run, handing victory to the dominant, older hen.

(capercaillie popping) Monarch of the glen, he is retained mastery of the lek.

All of the females are his.



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