Woodpeckers: The Gap Story | How Filmmakers Captured Acorn Woodpeckers | Nature




– Hello, I am Mark Carroll, I am a part of the movie crew, right here in lovely California and we’re filming acorn woodpeckers.

(woodpeckers squawking) In the present day specifically, I am making an attempt to movie among the granary exercise, the place the acorn woodpeckers will take the acorn, pull it out of the outlet, one gap that they’ve created, and put it into certainly one of a thousand different holes.

However lots of the exercise is occurring larger up, than what we will cowl on the bottom.

So our resolution has been to make the most of a carry to get the digicam so much larger up into this tree in explicit, again right here.

(carry clanking) (carry motor roaring) So as soon as I am up and settled, you’ll be able to hear the birds are literally close by.

They’re calling proper now.

They usually’ll most likely are available, though I am solely about 10 or 15 ft away.

However simply to verify, I am going forward and put some camo over high of the digicam, after which just a bit one thing on myself too.

All proper, now that we’re all set, let me take you in right here and present you.

In order that’s how shut we will get now.

And now, it is only a ready recreation with the birds.

It may very well be some time.

(woodpeckers squawking) (woodpeckers pecking) (camo rustling)



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