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Yoga Block Workout routines: 5 Variations to Hearth Up Your Observe


Yoga blocks are a easy and cheap prop usually missed by yogis who need to problem their observe. Many don’t know any good difficult yoga block workouts to include into their observe.

Sadly, blocks are sometimes regarded as instruments only for novices. Though they’re nice props to assist assist novices, their usefulness doesn’t finish there.

In case you’re trying to problem and shake up your asana observe, it’s time to reintroduce blocks to your observe.


Tips on how to Use Yoga Block Workout routines to Problem Your Observe

One of many best methods to up the ante with blocks is to steadiness on them somewhat than your yoga mat. Commonplace foam blocks are supportive, however nonetheless present a little bit of give.

The little little bit of give, or squishiness, makes balancing on the blocks way more difficult than the stable ground or mat. Your ft and core must work a bit more durable to search out stability on a supple floor.

Right here’s Tips on how to Use Blocks in 10 Widespread Poses (With Modifications to Ease or Deepen Every Posture)

When utilizing blocks for these poses, take a while to kind a stable basis. Whether or not you’re standing, sitting, or balancing in your arms, make agency contact with the blocks.

Unfold your fingers, toes, or sitting bones and press into the block to present your self as a lot floor space contact as you’ll be able to. Use your core to assist and stabilize your complete physique, after which transfer into the pose.

Strive These 5 Yoga Block Workout routines to Problem Your Observe:

For this yoga tutorial, you will want two yoga blocks. Seize your trusty blocks and prepare to sweat!

A fast technical word: In case your ft are longer than the block, then use a strap to safe two blocks collectively. The strap will hold the blocks from sliding aside, so that you don’t stumble.

1. Chook Canine Pose/Balancing Tabletop (Bharmanasana Variation)

BirdDogIt is a nice warm-up posture to activate your core and discover your steadiness.

Let’s attempt it:

  • Begin in your arms and knees together with your arms lined up below your shoulders and your knees below your hips
  • Slide a block below your left hand
  • Unfold your fingers huge and press into the block
  • Seize a second block and slide it again below your proper knee
  • Deliver your proper fingertips again to the bottom for steadiness
  • Level your proper foot so your toes are off the bottom
  • Hover your left shin off the bottom
  • After getting your steadiness, prolong your left leg again till it’s parallel to the bottom
  • Level your left foot
  • Lengthen your proper arm lengthy in entrance of you together with your palm dealing with in and your fingertips stretching ahead
  • Use your core to assist your backbone and assist discover size within the pose
  • Return to all fours on the bottom earlier than making an attempt on the opposite aspect


2. Atomic Canine (Adho Mukha Svanasana Variation)

Atomic DogThis yoga block train takes your Down Canine to a complete new degree and builds on Chook Canine Pose.

Don’t be stunned if it takes you a number of tries to get into this pose. In case you discover your blocks slipping beneath you, then transfer them onto a sticky yoga mat.

Let’s attempt it:

  • Begin in Down Canine with one block on the surface of your left hand and one on the within of your proper foot
  • Transfer your left hand and proper foot onto the block
  • Unfold your left fingers huge on the block and grip together with your fingertips
  • Add a little bit lifting motion to your wrist to maintain from dumping into your hand
  • Press your toes, ball mound, and the heel of your proper foot (if it reaches!) into the block
  • Carry your left leg into the air discovering 3-Legged Canine with a straight leg
  • Preserve your hips impartial on this pose by dropping your left hip in keeping with your proper and internally rotating your left leg barely at your hip socket
  • Come onto your proper fingertips
  • After getting your steadiness, prolong your proper arm again by your hips
  • Gaze wherever you discover essentially the most steadiness, so long as it’s not creating pressure in your neck
  • Attempt to stabilize and maintain for as much as 5 breaths
  • Deliberately come off the blocks earlier than making an attempt the opposite aspect

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3. Lifted Bow (Dhanurasana Variation)

Lifted BowAs you progress together with your Bow Pose, you’ll start to shift your weight extra into your thighs and off your stomach and chest. Use a block below your ribs to assist in giving you some additional elevate and chest opening.

Let’s attempt it:

  • Begin in Sphinx Pose (Salamba Bhujangasana) with a block close by and your legs hip-width aside
  • Slide your block on its shortest peak below your decrease ribs
  • Carry and lengthen your legs briefly to decompress your decrease again
  • Bend your knees and produce your ft up towards your glutes
  • Attain again and seize the within or exterior of your ankles
  • Press your hip and pubic bone into the bottom
  • Chill together with your ft, lifting your chest and shoulders additional off the block
  • In case you flared your knees wider than hip-distance whereas coming into the pose, deliver them again in keeping with your hips
  • Maintain for 5 breaths, launch your legs, and take away the block
  • Bend your knees and let your ankles fall backward and forward to launch pressure from the pose



4. Dancer on a Block (Natarajasana Variation)

DancerIn case you glide into Dancer’s Pose with ease, then it’s time to problem your steadiness by standing on a block. Your Dancer’s Pose is probably not as elegant as regular with this added problem. Take it sluggish and work as much as your full expression.

Let’s attempt it:

  • Begin in Mountain Pose (Tadasana) together with your proper foot on a block
  • You’ll be able to kickstand your left foot to the bottom to start out with till you discover your steadiness
  • Press into all 4 corners of your proper foot, and elevate gently by means of the arch
  • Floor every of your toes into the block to make sure you have most contact
  • Bend your left leg and produce your heel towards your bum
  • Attain again together with your left hand and seize your foot or ankle
  • Attain your proper arm as much as the sky, internally rotating your arm so your palm faces in
  • Activate your core with out changing into inflexible to search out stability
  • With management, kick your left leg again and up as you hinge ahead into Dancer’s Pose
  • Carry by means of your chest and broaden throughout your collar bones
  • Gaze ahead or at your prolonged proper hand
  • With management launch your leg, step off the block, and discover Mountain Pose between sides

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5. Boat Pose on a Block (Navasana)

BoatNobody actually loves Boat Pose, and also you would possibly adore it even much less after making an attempt it on a block. This yoga block train builds on the core work by including a little bit of a steadiness problem to it as effectively, making it full of advantages on your physique.

Let’s attempt it:

  • Place your yoga block on the ground on its shortest peak
  • Sit on the block guaranteeing each of your sitting bones are making contact with the block
  • Use two blocks subsequent to one another for a bit extra room if desired
  • Bend your knees, leaving your toes on the bottom to start out with
  • Lengthen your arms lengthy beside your knees, together with your palms dealing with one another
  • Lean again and discover your steadiness in your sitting bones and tailbone
  • Draw your core muscle mass in towards your backbone for assist
  • Carry your legs, bringing your shins parallel to the ground, or prolong them totally to make a “V” form
  • Maintain for as much as 10 breaths


Use These Yoga Block Workout routines to Hearth Up Your Observe

These poses will be difficult sufficient on their very own. So for those who’re nonetheless having hassle discovering stability and breath in these asanas with out the block, you then’ll need to get comfy with the poses first earlier than including the extra problem.

In addition to the added problem, working towards acquainted poses in a brand new method may also help to reawaken your observe and invigorate your body-breath-brain connection. Not solely will you shake issues up, however you would possibly even re-discover a few of these core stabilization muscle mass.

The subsequent time you’re feeling bored or unchallenged by your observe, seize a few blocks and provides these yoga block workouts a attempt!

Able to Strive Out Some Yoga Block Workout routines?

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